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How to get your article to be featured as ‘Wikipedia Article of the Day’?

Wikipedia’s Article of the Day features a different article on the homepage of Wikipedia every day.  With the millions of daily visitors that Wikipedia receives, having your article on the homepage could drive huge increases in views.  All of these articles are community nominated and submitted through a section of Wikipedia’s website, with accompanying reasons why it should be featured.

1. Ensure your article is up to date

The first thing the moderators of the Article of the Day forum will do is check your article to ensure it is up to date.  This means all information should be relevant and recent and that all references and links should point to existing webpages.

2. Avoid edit volatility

If your page experiences a lot of edits, encourage or wait until a period of relative calm.  The moderators tend to avoid pages that are likely to change while featured, as this may result in uncertain or uncited edits.  If there’s an issue that tends to receive a lot of edits, try to ensure that you resolve this before making your submission.

3. Wait for a good time

Articles tend to be nominated for Article of the Day when an important date is approaching or after a significant achievement or prestigious recognition.  It is best for you to wait for a similar important date.  Alternatively, somehow relate your page to another upcoming date or development.


4. Prepare a good submission

Make sure you put together a convincing submission in support of your article.  These submissions are often heavily scrutinized – the more sound yours is, the better the odds of it being accepted.  It is worth checking out previous submissions for examples.  It may be worth going as far as nominating a number of other articles you think should be featured, to establish yourself as a contributor to the Article of the Day forum, in anticipation of nominating your page.


These techniques should ensure your article has the best chance possible of being nominated for Article of the Day.


How to create Wikipedia page for company

Wikipedia is the largest online encyclopedia and arguably one of the most trusted sources of information on the internet.  Businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of having a strong and favourable Wikipedia presence.  Participating in Wikipedia not only ensures your existing or potential clients can find out about you, but also drives tangible results.


  • As a trusted source of information, Wikipedia can improve your reputation

  • Being present on Wikipedia increases your overall visibility

  • Wikipedia ranks extremely highly on Google search results


Once you have decided you would like a Wikipedia page, you need to go about creating a page for your company.  It is best not to rush into this stage, as research and preparation will make creating the page far easier.


1. Research and preparation

As Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, anything that’s published needs to be referenced and justified.  Do some prior research and find articles that you can use to reference facts and statistics about your company.  If there is not much information about your company on the internet, consider reaching out to a PR firm or content producer.


2. Establishing whether you need a page

It is important to establish whether you should actually have an entire page.  It could potentially be more appropriate for you to add content to existing pages, directly referencing your company.  This could serve to leverage the visibility and authority of the existing Wikipedia pages to promote your company.  Look for pages that naturally complement your business, that have high viewership and that you can amend with minimal edits.


3. Drafting the page

The number one rule with drafting content on Wikipedia is that it needs to appear unbiased.  You should avoid blatantly advertising or inflating achievements of your company, as content like this is bound to be edited or removed.  You are more than entitled to focus on the positive aspects of your company, but ensure that you write the article from a factual perspective, with as many references as appropriate.  We suggest you have a third party check over the draft as a final step.

4. Monitor your page

Once you have uploaded your page, it is important to regularly check on it to see if it requires edits or updates, the same as you would your website.  Some actions may include checking references to check they still link to an active page or updating employee or financial statistics.  Wikipedia is open source, meaning it can be edited by anyone.  This may seem intimidating, but if you are confident your information is factual, you have nothing to worry about.

These tips should have you well on the way to creating a great Wikipedia page for your company.


How to get your name on Wikipedia

Wikipedia has developed into what is arguably the primary and most trusted source of information on the internet.  With more than 400 million unique visitors a month to the Wikimedia network, it can be crucial for a company or individual to have a strong Wikipedia presence.  However, Wikipedia’s strict editing guidelines, rigorous monitoring and bare bones style can at first seem daunting for those looking to participate.  That is why we have put together a brief guide to give you an idea of how to establish your own Wikipedia presence.

1. Why?

Before adding content to Wikipedia, you should establish why you or your company is ‘noteworthy’.  Three great indicators of whether you should add content to Wikipedia regarding yourself or your company are:

 - You have a novel product, invention or idea, or somehow make a significant contribution to an area or industry

- Yourself, the founder or manager of the business is notable for some reason, as a professional or sports person for example

- There is little or no other information on wikipedia regarding the service or product you offer


While these examples offer the most straightforward opportunities for adding content to Wikipedia, they are not exclusive.  The size and nature of Wikipedia offers a multitude of opportunities for you to gain relevant exposure.


2. What?

All content on Wikipedia should be unbiased and factual – it is afterall an encyclopedia, and is closely guarded as such.  Content that is purely promoting yourself or your products and services will likely be detected and removed.  You need to ensure that the content you are entering or editing is purely factual, while also conveying your intended message.

The best way to ensure your content stays on Wikipedia, is to link to quality articles or sources to reference anything you add.  It may be worth having press releases or articles published in anticipation of adding content to Wikipedia.


3. How?

Signing up and conducting edits on Wikipedia is relatively straightforward.  However, all content must follow a strict style guideline, known as the Wikipedia Manual of Style.  You should study this and ensure any edits follow the relevant guidelines – for example the type of page you are editing may have a separate style guide.

Wikipedia actually recommends checking out a standard encyclopedia prior to making any edits.  This will give you a feel for the style and format you should emulate.

While managing your presence on Wikipedia can seem daunting, the right preparation and quality editing will ensure your content is kept and better yet seen.