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How to Get More Reviews on Facebook

how to get more reviews on facebook, more facebook reviews, get more reviews on facebook,Growing your Facebook community and your page review score is a worthy goal for any company, large or small, and so it’s important to know how to get more reviews on Facebook.

Some companies are still struggling to establish an ROI from their social marketing campaigns, while others are successfully ensuring they are part of the trend, so you don’t want to be the business stuck behind the digital curve.

How to Get More Reviews on Facebook:

Go for the obvious!

You might be of the assumption it’s silly or obtrusive to post on Facebook encouraging your likers to review your business, but it’s not going to turn anyone away. Think about it – they’ve already gone out of their way to like your page and see all of your Facebook posts, including those goofy promotional memes you think a cool, so they aren’t going to be discouraged by a simple post. If they don’t want to leave a review, they won’t, but there’s no harm in asking.

There’s a few different ways you can post this – as a text post, a call-to-action or a picture post, either way, make sure you include the link to the reviews section of your business page:

Don’t be shy – ask your audience to leave a review:

This doesn’t have to be a cold approach or an announcement to all of your likers publicly, it can be a off the back off a warm lead through your business. When you’ve dealt with an ongoing client for a while, or just finalized work with a temporary client, it’s a good idea to send a little “thank you” email and gently ask them to leave a review on your Facebook page.

In this email you can directly link to the reviews page on your Facebook business page:

How to write a message to your customer//client asking for a review of your business:

If you’re running your business correctly, your clients/customers will already be happy with the services or goods you’re providing them, so they should be more than happy to review your work. This is where business owners or marketers tend to miss the mark – because they assume they’re hassling their clients. In reality, it’s not a bother for them at all. Keep it short and sweet. Here’s an example:

Hi —-,

It was a pleasure working with you!

Would you mind taking a moment to leave Growing Social Media a quick review on our Facebook page?

You may do so, here:

Thank you,

Growing Social Media.


You’ve probably spent a lot of time and money getting your business website up and running, so use it for all it’s potential purposes! This includes a call-to-action from your website to the review section of your business page, encouraging any visitors to leave a review on Facebook. There is potential for this to go slightly awry though, as it encourages everyone (even those with ill-intentions) to visit and leave a review on your Facebook page. So- use this tactic with discretion, and accept the negative consequences if they occur.

If you have a shop front – use it! Just like a website, your shop is the perfect representation of business, so place a sign in-store that directs people to your Facebook page, asking for a review. Again, use this tactic with warning – you may attract unwanted attention, so weigh up the costs first.

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