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How to get your article to be featured as ‘Wikipedia Article of the Day’?

Wikipedia’s Article of the Day features a different article on the homepage of Wikipedia every day.  With the millions of daily visitors that Wikipedia receives, having your article on the homepage could drive huge increases in views.  All of these articles are community nominated and submitted through a section of Wikipedia’s website, with accompanying reasons why it should be featured.

1. Ensure your article is up to date

The first thing the moderators of the Article of the Day forum will do is check your article to ensure it is up to date.  This means all information should be relevant and recent and that all references and links should point to existing webpages.

2. Avoid edit volatility

If your page experiences a lot of edits, encourage or wait until a period of relative calm.  The moderators tend to avoid pages that are likely to change while featured, as this may result in uncertain or uncited edits.  If there’s an issue that tends to receive a lot of edits, try to ensure that you resolve this before making your submission.

3. Wait for a good time

Articles tend to be nominated for Article of the Day when an important date is approaching or after a significant achievement or prestigious recognition.  It is best for you to wait for a similar important date.  Alternatively, somehow relate your page to another upcoming date or development.


4. Prepare a good submission

Make sure you put together a convincing submission in support of your article.  These submissions are often heavily scrutinized – the more sound yours is, the better the odds of it being accepted.  It is worth checking out previous submissions for examples.  It may be worth going as far as nominating a number of other articles you think should be featured, to establish yourself as a contributor to the Article of the Day forum, in anticipation of nominating your page.


These techniques should ensure your article has the best chance possible of being nominated for Article of the Day.

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