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How to get your name on Wikipedia

Wikipedia has developed into what is arguably the primary and most trusted source of information on the internet.  With more than 400 million unique visitors a month to the Wikimedia network, it can be crucial for a company or individual to have a strong Wikipedia presence.  However, Wikipedia’s strict editing guidelines, rigorous monitoring and bare bones style can at first seem daunting for those looking to participate.  That is why we have put together a brief guide to give you an idea of how to establish your own Wikipedia presence.

1. Why?

Before adding content to Wikipedia, you should establish why you or your company is ‘noteworthy’.  Three great indicators of whether you should add content to Wikipedia regarding yourself or your company are:

 - You have a novel product, invention or idea, or somehow make a significant contribution to an area or industry

- Yourself, the founder or manager of the business is notable for some reason, as a professional or sports person for example

- There is little or no other information on wikipedia regarding the service or product you offer


While these examples offer the most straightforward opportunities for adding content to Wikipedia, they are not exclusive.  The size and nature of Wikipedia offers a multitude of opportunities for you to gain relevant exposure.


2. What?

All content on Wikipedia should be unbiased and factual – it is afterall an encyclopedia, and is closely guarded as such.  Content that is purely promoting yourself or your products and services will likely be detected and removed.  You need to ensure that the content you are entering or editing is purely factual, while also conveying your intended message.

The best way to ensure your content stays on Wikipedia, is to link to quality articles or sources to reference anything you add.  It may be worth having press releases or articles published in anticipation of adding content to Wikipedia.


3. How?

Signing up and conducting edits on Wikipedia is relatively straightforward.  However, all content must follow a strict style guideline, known as the Wikipedia Manual of Style.  You should study this and ensure any edits follow the relevant guidelines – for example the type of page you are editing may have a separate style guide.

Wikipedia actually recommends checking out a standard encyclopedia prior to making any edits.  This will give you a feel for the style and format you should emulate.

While managing your presence on Wikipedia can seem daunting, the right preparation and quality editing will ensure your content is kept and better yet seen.

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