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Funniest Yelp Reviews

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Reviews can make or break your business. With the intense influence that social media has on business reputability, online reviews can quickly change the minds of multiple consumers. While most take online reviews quite seriously, there are some who prefer to lighten up the mood with a more humorous tone. Here, we explore some of the funniest Yelp reviews to remind everyone to crack a smile now and then.

A1A Car Wash

If you are a Breaking Bad fan, these reviews are right up your alley. The hit show uses this A1A Car Wash in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a cover up for illegal activities. The reviewers play into all this, alluding to the inconsistent hours featured on the show, the crying wife who maintains the car wash, and other Breaking Bad Easter eggs. Definitely one of the funniest Yelp reviews we have come across thanks to its ingenuity.

funniest yelp reviews, yelp reviews, business reviews, customer reviews, conversation control, ratings management, review forums, yelp, funny customer reviews,

Le Bernadin

Le Bernadin is one of the fanciest restaurants in New York City, known for its supposedly exceptional seafood. This one Yelp reviewer was none too pleased about the dinner he and his wife had, commenting that he regrets the trip to the restaurant after each time he goes.

funniest yelp reviews, yelp reviews, business reviews, customer reviews, conversation control, ratings management, review forums, yelp, funny customer reviews,

The other reviewer offered one of the funniest Yelp reviews about Le Bernadin, mentioning that a bus boy sneakily handed the diners two cheese sticks while the diners had to wait a ridiculously long time for their food to arrive.

funniest yelp reviews, yelp reviews, business reviews, customer reviews, conversation control, ratings management, review forums, yelp, funny customer reviews,

Berkeley Bowl

Berkeley Bowl is an organic grocery store in Berkeley, California that specializes in fresh, locally grown produce. This jokester of a Yelp reviewer turned his trip to the Berkeley Bowl into an odyssey about his past relationships, all in order to get to the point that the Bowl has a great selection of watermelons.

funniest yelp reviews, yelp reviews, business reviews, customer reviews, conversation control, ratings management, review forums, yelp, funny customer reviews,

Now that we’ve seen some of the funniest Yelp reviews, let’s talk about the pros and cons of receiving humorous comments from consumers


One of the pros of receiving funny comments is that consumers felt your business was comment-worthy in the first place. Another benefit is that consumers felt your business and staff could handle a joke or two, meaning you give off a laid back vibe. A positive funny review may also garner social media attention, which acts as free publicity for your business as well.


While we certainly hope all of the funniest Yelp reviews are positive in nature, sometimes receiving a comical review is not such a great thing. Be on the lookout for online reviews that may be taunting or mocking your business or staff. Make sure any funny reviews are not using humor as a way to point out major flaws in your business. Finally, if you want to give off a more serious attitude, funny reviews are not something you should solicit.

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Review Forum Chaos after Deadpool Earns High IMDB Movie Rating

Deadpool’s movie release was as bold as its star character. Deadpool broke 8 records its opening weekend, including largest winter season opening weekend and largest R-rated opening weekend, and movie buff discussion has hardly slowed down. With loud marketing tactics and an R-rated script, Deadpool has changed conversation around super hero movies.

With an opening box office gross of $132.75M, you can expect that someone in your circle of friends has seen the movie. And those involved in movie-related review forums can expect to argue the true cinematic worth of the movie. With an astonishing 8.6/10 on IMDB and 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, Deadpool has earned great praise. Yet many commenters are fighting the Deadpoo imdb reviews. Is Deadpool undeserving of its high movie reviews?

As one review put it, “I’m just a guy, watching a superhero movie, asking it to entertain him.” In a thread Why I gave it(and many others) a 10, viewers explain that movies like Deadpool should earn high ratings because of their ability to entertain audiences, not necessarily to compete against timeless movies. Others argue that a perfect movie is idealistic, therefore impossible, but movies that fascinate audiences from start to finish deserve the highest rating.

However, some movie buffs truly believe that 10 ratings should be reserved for movies with classic potential. They criticize the “teenagers and man-children” that skew movie ratings with their amateur IMBD accounts. These review forum opinions ask for unbiased ratings, in which yes, personal entertainment evaluation should not affect ratings. Instead, a movie should be determined by its entire cinematic performance including its artistic value.

Reviewers believe that Ryan Reynolds held up the film. He successfully edged Deadpool into “gotta see it” territory. The action scenes are solid, the pacing is rough, the cast is serviceable, but the Deadpool-caliber gags truly shine when delivered by Reynolds. He is the reason why you’ll remember this film’s funniest, most intense moments.

Many of these message boards stem from Deadpool earning a ranking in the IMDB top 50 movies. With spot #49, Deadpool is among movies like Gladiator, Back to the Future, The Lion King, and Sunset Blvd. For comparison, the top five movies include: The Shawshank Redemption (9.2), The Godfather (9.2), The Godfather: Part 2 (9), The Dark Knight (8.9), and Pulp Fiction (8.9). So yes, Deadpool’s current pop appeal is just .3 away from all-time favorites.

Do you think Deadpool is deserving of a 8.6 movie rating? Do you think that comedic superhero movies deserve a place in the top 50 movies of all time? What do you think will happen to Deadpool’s rating in the coming months, and once available for DVD and streaming?

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Influence of Online Reviews

Pinterest, Instagram, travel bloggers and more have helped fuel societies obsession with Wanderlust – a strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

However, just because we’re all pinning our dream destinations – doesn’t mean we’re doing away with researching the top restaurants to put on Swarm, the most picturesque buildings to Instagram or the hotel with the best view to incite jealousy in our (over) 500 Facebook friends.

In fact, fewer than 10% of leisure travelers use a travel agent now (Phocuswright), putting their faith in review forums instead. At any given moment, it is estimated that 5,000 commercial airplanes are in the skies over the United States (Daily Mail) – that’s a lot of people who have done a lot of research to determine who to fly with, where to fly and where to tell the cab driver to go once they reach their destination.

 Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 12.22.56 PM.png

For Travel, Tourism and Hospitality providers ensuring review forums speak favorably of them is paramount to their success;

  • 40% of personal travelers share their experiences through social networking

  • 45% of personal travelers make travel plans based on reviews and the experiences of others

  • 99% of consumers are willing to pay up to 99% MORE for a 5-star rated product than a 4-star rated product

If you have any questions about optimizing your review forum presence, or how to improve your review forum ratings contact us today!

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The Habits of a Mobile Shopper: Reviewing and Commenting

Here is another survey report from Nielsen about the habits of Mobile shoppers:

We already know that mobile shopping is growing, in step with the growing group of smartphone and tablet owners, but what kinds of activities are mobile shoppers pursuing? Considering the varying mobility between tablets and smartphones, it’s little surprise that mobile shopping activities often depend on which device is used as much as where it’s being used.

U.S. mobile shoppers use their devices most frequently in the home, according to Nielsen, as more than two-thirds of smartphone shoppers and four-out-of-five tablet shoppers do—sometimes while watching TV. While shopping on their mobile devices, tablet owners are more active with product research (59%) and are more likely to purchase physical items (38%) than smartphone shoppers (24%).

Smartphone shoppers are more active outside the home, but they are more likely to do certain mobile shopping activities from home, such as reading reviews and using social media to make a comment on a purchase. Even though smartphones and tablets are made to be mobile, some mobile shoppers never leave the couch while they’re shopping, as 95 percent of tablet shoppers and 72 percent of smartphone shoppers who make a purchase with their device do so at home, although tablet users are more likely to make a purchase overall.

For mobile shoppers who make a purchase in a retail store, smartphones are constant companions and the in-store device of choice for most. En route to the store, 70 percent of smartphone shoppers use a store locator to plan their shopping trip. Once they arrive at the store, 37 percent stay organized using lists while shopping on their phones. Savvy mobile shoppers use their devices to check prices, and the majority of smartphone (63%) and tablet (53%) owners search and scan their way to savings, though more smartphone owners do this while in a retail store. And the savings continue at the checkout lane, where smartphone shoppers are more likely to use their devices for mobile coupons (34%) and for payment (23%).

But the experience doesn’t end at the checkout line. When mobile shoppers get back home, they pick up their tablets to track and share their shopping experience on the Web. Twenty percent write comments on social media and 16 percent use their tablets to write reviews of their purchases. Among tablet shoppers, 17 percent said they follow up on their purchase by looking up information on a complementary product. And for those that never leave home to shop, the majority of smartphone (55%) and tablet (52%) shoppers said they use their devices to track the progress of their online orders.

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