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managing your tripadvisor reviews

Managing Your TripAdvisor Reviews

For businesses in the hospitality and tourism industries, managing your TripAdvisor reviews is one of the most important things you can do for your customer reputation management. TripAdvisor is geared towards consumers, so they can provide reviews and ratings for hotels, destinations, restaurants and more. Many business owners would rather boycott the website than encourage it, but they can actually leverage the popularity of sites like TripAdvisor and make it work for them.

By claiming your business listing on TripAdvisor you’re able to monitor and manage your rating and review from the inside. Below are some tips for maintaining a good score.

  • Respond Quickly

Responding to your TripAdvisor reviews is of course important to maintaining that customer relationship and creating an environment for that customer to become an ambassador for your business. Responding quickly will ensure positive reviewers are further impressed with your business and negative reviewers receive the response to their concerns in an efficient manner. Prospective customers will view this favorably.

  • Be Professional 

This goes without saying, of course you should always maintain a polite and professional manner while conducting business. That being said, negative reviews can sometimes bring the worst out in us. Try to avoid feeling personally attacked if you do have a negative review, and consider the appropriate response to manage this customer’s claims.

  • TripAdvisor Comment Cards

Not every business will do this but it’s important to encourage all of your customers to rate and review your business online. Too often business owners will become disgruntled at review sites for creating an outlet for negative reviews to populate. This is true, usually a customer will only think to review if they’ve had a bad or extremely good experience, but what about the vast majority that simply have a pleasant experience or don’t think to review? These comment cards will solve this problem and potentially improve your score.

  • Email Campaigns

In the same vein of comment cards, these digital reminders ensure all of your customers know they have the option to review your business online. This increases the chances of receiving reviews.

  • Display TripAdvisor Awards

What better way to bring attention to your TripAdvisor page than with some awards you have received? Make sure you’re displaying them in the correct places for your customers to view, whether that’s directly behind reception or on each desk of your hotel rooms.

  • Encourage Reviews as Guests Leave

If you’re running a hotel it’s a nice idea to have staff encourage guests to leave a review on TripAdvisor about their stay. If you run a restaurant you can also put a TripAdvisor sticker on the inside of your checkbooks. This ensures they see your page and have the encouragement to leave a review.