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Blade: Trinity imdb – Unfairly underrated?

Film buffs have long discredited the blade films to be one of the worst vampire franchises of all time, but does the Blade: Trinity imdb rating of 5.9 really represent the film?

One person who is bound to be agreeing is Wesley Snipes, who claims it’s barely even a Blade movie. The actor is in the process of suing New Line Cinema for not paying him his full salary or involving him in script decisions. He also reputedly felt that the film introduced too many new characters and didn’t focus enough on Blade himself.

The highest ranking imdb user review is titled: “What happened to Blade?” – need we say more? It’s hard not to agree with Snipes, it’s very clear that Ryan Reynolds steals the show. The plot is scattered, the cinematography is subpar and the character diversions are hard to keep up with, but Ryan Reynolds’ performance makes it all worthwhile.

Taking a look at the Blade: Trinity IMDB voter demographics, and the half a star higher average rating from females could also indicate a love for Ryan Reynolds in this film. Although, as a much high percentage of voters are male, it’s not a clear comparison.

If for nothing else than Reynold’s performance, a below 6 star rating on imdb is not really justified. Lastly, you cannot entirely hate a film that contains vampire Pomeranians. 

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