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Everyone knows that Wikipedia is one of the best information sources on the Internet. Typically, it has everything you need to know about a person or company, what they do, how they do it and what got them to where they are today. However, because Wikipedia is able to be edited by anyone information you don’t necessarily want out there may show up on your profile. So how do you manage something like this, and how can you have it removed?

1. Check the General Wikipedia Guidelines

Wikipedia has well established guidelines about what kind of information can, and cannot be published. Remember, Wikipedia “is an encyclopaedia not a tabloid”. Firstly, all Wikipedia content should abide by the three core policies; i. Neutral Point of View (NPOV) ii. Verifiability (V) iii. No Original Research (NOR) If the material in question violates any of the above, you may have grounds for removal.

2. Check the Guidelines Specific to Biography of a Living Person

Wikipedia also has strict guidelines, specific to Biographies of a Living Person (ie Wikipedia articles about people). The guidelines can be found here, and covers Writing Style, Reliable Sources, Presumption in Favor of Privacy (e.g. Persons accused of a crime), Applicability of the Policy and more. If your reason for wanting to remove something falls under one of these categories then you will likely find a reason here.

3. Report the Edit to the Noticeboard

If you find a reason in one of the above Guidelines to support your desire to remove the information, then you can do so – making sure to reference the reason in the Edit Comments. Sometimes, you may come across someone who firmly believes the information should be left in the article. If someone reverts your change more than twice, and you firmly believe that was a mistake due to one of the reasons above you can report it to the Noticeboard to avoid entering an Edit War.
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